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From Researcher to Algorithm Engineer: Alumni Spotlight on Anthony Finch

At The Data Incubator we run a free eight-week data science fellowship to help our Fellows land industry jobs. We love Fellows with diverse academic backgrounds that go beyond what companies traditionally think of when hiring data scientists.  Anthony was a Fellow in our Winter 2017 cohort who landed a job with one of our hiring partners, Afiniti

Tell us about your background. How did it set you up to be a great data scientist?


I came into The Data Incubator with a Master’s degree in Computational Operations Research from The College of William and Mary. My Master’s program gave me a strong background in theory and in the practical application of machine learning, simulation, and optimization. I had a few internships as well, primarily in finance.

What do you think you got out of The Data Incubator?

The Data Incubator gave me a lot of experience handling data in a way that I didn’t get in an academic environment. The data sets were big, messy, and realistic. In addition, I thought that the capstone was an excellent way to get into a more industrial environment. The Data Incubator required a lot of database management, web scraping, and the like, which I didn’t get in the academic setting I came from

I also felt that The Data Incubator gave me a number of excellent opportunities. It may seem frustrating at times, but the partners really do want to hire Fellows, and The Data Incubator’s salary and compensation ranges are very accurate (in my experience). I’m not sure I would have gotten the same response rate and offers if I hadn’t been applying through the fellowship.  

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